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Is sugar making you fat?

As a result of high sugar consumption in our modern diet, we are developing ballooning waistlines and causing serious harm to our health. Carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice, fruit, alcohol etc. are made up of different sugars. Sugar is our most basic source of energy and is essential to life. However, we have discovered that eating excessive carbohydrates is the main reason why we put on weight. It’s the leading cause of the obesity epidemic we face in the world today.

By combining multiple genetic tests, you can get a comprehensive assessment of how well or badly you absorb and store sugar. Some people will pull too much sugar from the carbohydrates that they eat, or they may direct too much of the sugar in the blood into fat storage. Both problems can lead to weight gain, which consequently results in heart attacks or diabetes.

We examine your DNA that controls how sugar is absorbed from the intestines, how sugar inflames and damages arteries and whether you have the possibility of developing diabetes. You will discover whether or not your genes are good or are compromising your sugar metabolism pathway.

Are you converting sugars into fat? Do you need to cut out carbohydrates from your diet to lose weight?

What's your genetic ability to lose fat with exercise?

At the bottom of every cell is an important plug (beta-receptor) that if opened, releases the fat from the cell to be used for energy. People who can access this plug easily are able to harness their fat stores in exercise and tend to lose weight quicker. People who struggle to open these beta-receptor plugs are not able to employ fat for energy during exercise and need to focus more on their diet than exercise to lose weight.

We examine your DNA that controls the ability to release fat from fat cells to determine whether or not you have the ability to do so.

Find out if you have good or poor beta-receptor functionality on fat cells and good or poor functionality of releasing fat back into the blood as a source of energy.

Poor ability means that fat cells tend to accumulate fat and not release it when you’re hungry. You’ll end up putting on weight easily without eating much.

Do you have an impaired ability to release fat from fat cells meaning you’ll lose weight very slowly with exercise?

How to reach your goal weight with a healthy eating plan based on your genetic predispositions

Fad diets don’t work. Many studies have shown that diets tend to work between two to six months, after which the weight will come piling back with a vengeance.The truth of the matter is, the 'one size fits all' approach to diets doesn't work for everyone.

Our DNA is unique, and this affects how our body processes foods like carbohydrates and fats. Some people can process these well, whilst for others results in weight gain, feelings of sluggishness and poor health.

By using your genetic profile and lifestyle factors, we can develop the most optimal eating plan that really benefits your body and aids weight-loss and wellbeing.

Don't guess! Get your DNA tested to find out which eating plan will greatly benefit you. Should you be on a low carb, low fat, low calorie, low sugar or low toxin diet?

Lack of sleep causes food cravings and weight gain

Sleep deprivation leads to cortisol deficiency increasing your cravings for carbohydrates and resulting in excessive eating. Your body needs to stimulate the natural production of Melatonin to induce a restful sleep.

Stress and burnout causes weight gain and low energy

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. Our Reboot supplement is the perfect fix to help boost your energy levels and eradicate burnout. Find out about Reboot

Liver toxicity and weight gain

Liver detoxification is a crucial step in fighting excessive weight, as a healthy functioning liver supports normal metabolism allowing foods to be processed properly. It is vital to take our Detox supplement for at least three months to support your liver pathways.

Food cravings causes weight gain

Food cravings increase during stressful periods and periods of insomnia. Our Cravings supplement is a blend of natural ingredients that assist with food cravings and stabilises blood sugar levels.

Sugar metabolism

Some people will pull too much sugar from the carbohydrates that they eat, or they may direct too much of the sugar in the blood into fat storage. Both are problems that can lead to weight gain and eventually heart attacks or diabetes. Eliminate sugar from your diet and Sugarblock will support this further by utilising natural ingredients to stabilise sugar and insulin levels promoting healthy weight loss.

Body shape and exercise

Some people are fortunate to have a body shape and genetic ability to release fat for energy during exercise which aids weight-loss. Burn increases metabolism and opens the beta-receptors to allow fat to be used for energy to assist weight loss.

How myDNAhealth can help you

myDNAhealth helps you discover your unique genetic profile, so you can eat the right foods, do the right exercises and take supplements that really benefit your body. We have grown up in a time of diets and trendy fitness workouts - the new craze and the next best thing. There's a very high chance that something which worked for someone else, won't work for you - there is no 'one size fits all' solution.

We have somehow forgotten that each of us has a unique body thet needs to be treated in that very way - uniquely. Our individual genetic make-up means that our bodies process foods differently. Even after eating the same foods, some of us put on more weight than others. This is what can fail in you.

Our science-based genetic testing methodology will show you the causes of your weight gain and identifies the lifestyle factors making you feel miserable or lacking in energy.

Kick start your weight-loss and wellness today!

Choose DNA Complete to get the DNA based weight-loss and wellness programme.
Whether it's for losing weight, eating right for your body, or finding relief from work related stress.

DNA Complete consists of a DNA cheek swab home test kit, DNA analysis with comprehensive clinical lifestyle tests to optimise weight-loss, exercise and wellness.

The DNA test and lifestyle clinical assessment results are presented in a detailed and personalised DNA Complete report with recommendations for the right diet, exercise and wellbeing program.

You will discover:

  • Whether you over-absorb sugars and fats.
  • Your ability/inability to lose fat with exercise.
  • Your lifestyle factors causing you to gain fat.
  • Your body shape and exercise type.
  • And much more!

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Sleep loss causes weight gain, feelings of stress and food cravings

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Cravings are more than just comfort eating. If we have severe cravings, it is likely we have a stressed life.

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